Tension Relief Pillow // Eye Pillow


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Here’s a great way to relive some tension NATURALLY!

Each log pillow is hand stitched and filled with rice and lavender buds. They make a beautiful gift for anyone and everyone, and are a must have if you have muscle aches or shoulder tension.

Simply pop it in the microwave for a minute at a time, up to 2 minutes and toss in hands a few times to rid of any “hot spots”. Lay the fabric log over any tension ridden areas of the body and enjoy the aromatherapy of the relaxing lavender scent.

These pillows are not intended as medicinal products or to treat any serious illness. If you have a chronic health concern, please consult a professional.

Current Fabric Options:
1. Blue Batik
2. Blue Ocean Pattern
3. Turquoise and gold Pattern
4. Gold & Blue Twist
5. Grey-Blue-Brown Spotted Batik
6. Lavender Spotted
7. White Iridescent
8. Rose

⭐️Spot clean only. DO NOT WASH OR WET

*Ingredients: cotton fabric, white rice, & lavender buds.


*Ingredients: cotton fabric, white rice, & lavender buds.

For best results, keep at room temperature or cool in freezer.

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